Date with yourself!

Spandana Meda Freewill
Spandana Meda

She dressed up elegant, looked radiant for the date of her life. Moving forward on two wheels, stopped at the table and ordered a Margarita with a straw. She smiled and blushed and looked up into the mirror on the opposite wall😉

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I'm fun loving, free spirited yet bound to family with responsibilities. I believe in duality of life and universe, hence, always thriving to balance the contradictory terms of life. I love books as much as i love dancing. I celebrate the festive crowds yet find peace watching the sunset somewhere alone. I follow religion as a way of life yet my decisions are rationally made. Currently in the process of re-discovering myself and broadening my horizons. I travel, write, meet people, discover places and read. I was an Interior designer by profession  and a project in Wayanad has inspired me to work with waste. I'm  also a Permaculture enthusiast.


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