Eternal and Infinite


The origin, I am and the ultimate destination..
So am I, the journey, a dream, a fascination!!
The first act, every canto and the culmination..
The story, its every version and alternation!!

Every new born, every cradle, every womb and mother..
Every breath, every life, every death and cadaver!!
The air, the blue, the black void and the ether..
I am within and without; I dwell hither and thither!!

The actor, the director, the script and the play are me..
So are the scene, scenery, dialogue and the soliloquy!!
Eternal and endless, every flowing river, and every sea..
Universal and infinite, beyond every bound or boundary…

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This world is a stage. My body is the part of our earth that I inherited for this lifetime; my parents, brains, education - I feel, are gifts given to boost the inheritance. I had the fortune of learning scriptures in Tirupati temple, engineering and technology at IIT Delhi and management from FMS, Delhi. IT industry of India taught me the lessons of life. Humanity taught me to be human. Universe taught me oneness. I believe, I do, I breathe, I live, by a simple saying - "you only have what you give away". I am presently working as Vice President, Technology at Ernst & Young. Also I am an editor of positive News Portal.


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