To feel free in your skin
Loving the color, the curves,
Every mole and every scar
Accept those stretch marks
That pot belly and the tan
The beauty of you
Lies not in what someone perceives
But what you feel in there
When u see yourself in Mirror

The lazy smile and empty eyes
The hunch that drags you while you walk
That hair that stands out in cold
The baldness on your head
That shines brighter in the sun
Oh! That silvery mane
That’s experience not age

Those joint pains that stand
for all the stress you faced
The weight of your emotions
That you held for so long inside
Love every moment you lived
Live every moment with love

For on the death bed
It’s only your dreams that die
With your regrets n your life
Not those whose opinions
Drag you to misery and hell

Love yourself, inside and outside
It shines through your skin
Giving hope from its emptiness
To all those that are lost and in pain

Live your life, spread your wings
Cos only you know your purpose
Fly, higher n higher
Dreams fuel your abilities
Believe, universe will take care

If destiny is what we make
Let’s make the world a better place
Cos when you love, you just Love
Without expectations or hesitations
Cos when you love, you heal too and

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I'm fun loving, free spirited yet bound to family with responsibilities. I believe in duality of life and universe, hence, always thriving to balance the contradictory terms of life. I love books as much as i love dancing. I celebrate the festive crowds yet find peace watching the sunset somewhere alone. I follow religion as a way of life yet my decisions are rationally made. Currently in the process of re-discovering myself and broadening my horizons. I travel, write, meet people, discover places and read. I was an Interior designer by profession  and a project in Wayanad has inspired me to work with waste. I'm  also a Permaculture enthusiast.


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