The Angel in White !



A ‘nurse’ – She is a symbol of service to the cause of suffering humanity. She is the angel in white who spends her life in the service of the sick and the wounded.

For her, the day begins with the first rays of the sun. She takes a hurried meal or sometimes she may skip it. She dresses in a spotless white uniform and reports for duty. She is assigned the work by the head nurse. She goes to the ward, takes charge from the nurse on night duty and then sets to work.

She goes from bed to bed. She looks at the chart hanging on the bed of the patients. She notes down their temperatures. She enquires after the health of each patient and then gives them medicine. She is gentle and polite to everyone. She never loses her temper even when the patients tire her out with continuous enquiries.

When the doctor comes on his daily round in the morning, she is with him and explains the condition of the patients. She tries to understand what the patient means to say and explains back everything to the doctor. Many a time the patient happens to be uneducated and unable to express the grief. She has to work as an interpreter between the two.

She has to take down and remember each new prescription and instruction given by the doctor. She has also to bring medicines from the store room and administer injections to her patients.

Even when patients are discharged, the relief is only temporary, since another patient immediately fills their vacant room. Caring for patients can be emotionally draining and just as tiring as working long shifts;

Nursing is indeed an art. It is an amalgamation of science, technology, and skill with the art of compassion and caring. It takes an extraordinary special type of person to be a great nurse. Nursing is a profession that changes lives on a myriad of levels. It’s a rare art form that illustrates the importance of caring for people holistically

Whether it is war or peace, there is one noble work which goes on ceaselessly forever and that is being a NURSE. The Lady with Lamp is always there. Florence Nightingale still keeps the vigil. Clad in a well dressed, well starched pure white uniform, the nurse is all the time present in the service of the sick and the wounded.

No matter she is the first mother of every human being!

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