The Road to Happiness



The road to happiness is definitely a difficult one – bumps, manholes, slush, steep curves, obstructions, gravel, traffic and every possible possibility that will stop you from reaching your destination. And the mental barricades to top up the physical obstructions. But the most dangerous ones are the mirages on the road that mislead you. Do not be content with these pockets of temporary pleasures. These are not your goals. You do not want to be a WATER TANKER. You want to be a SHOWER OF RAIN.

Family and friends may assist a bit, but the truth is that this journey is all yours and yours alone.  Your struggles, your pain, your emotions, and your learnings all go in the making of you and defining your personality. This journey is about you, by you and for you.

Rejoice in the mile markers for the achievements achieved but do not stay long celebrating them. The secret is to keep moving until you immerse yourself in the LAKE OF HAPPINESS.

There will be blocks, alternative paths, broken patches, connecting bridges, dark tunnels and many more hurdles. Do not stop. Keep going. Find yourself back. If need be, build your own bridge, carve your own path, make your own boat.

In the end, it is all NEEDED, and it is all WORTH it.


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